Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our family just took a family trip to Seattle, WA.--a first for all of us! It was a lot of fun, and gorgeous weather and scenery! We were able to spend about 4 days visiting and did a lot of fun stuff. The first evening there we visited Pike Place Market, rode on the Monorail, took the kids to the Rain Forest Cafe for dinner, and then went up in the Space Needle. We all had a blast dining in the RFC, and near the end Katelyn was use to the live animation of the animals in the cafe. It brought back memories for us of going there with the Fremming family in San Fransisco, and was a lot of fun! The kids also got to go on a fair ride that was set up just outside near the space needle. Of course Katelyn wanted to ride the carousel (she loves horses), and Scottie chose the bumper cars. Watching him drive makes me really glad we still have a few years before he is behind real wheels!!
The next day, Wednesday, we took one of the cruises around Elliot bay and learned a lot of interesting facts about Seattle while enjoying the beautiful views. We also went to the Seattle Aquarium and enjoying eating huge ice cream cones and checking out a very interesting shop called Ye Olde Curiosities. They had all kinds of odd things like real shrunken heads, and a mummy that was in perfect mummified condition that was found in the desert of Arizona or something like that. Very interesting place! We ate at a fabulous family owned Mexican restaurant that night and watched a movie back at the hotel. Katelyn has said multiple times that she wants to just live in the hotel instead of our house...silly little girl!
Thursday, we went to the Science center, saw an IMAX film and got to go in a butterfly house with all kinds of real butterflies flying around. It was neat! We also did the Underground Tour which was very interesting and different! Did you know that Seattle was originally built below sea level, so the original town had all kinds of fun problems with sewer and flooding, etc. No joke! Very glad I did not live there back then!
On Friday, we went to the Woodland Park Zoo and then heading home. Scott drove the entire way home about 12-13 hrs straight so we ended up getting back about 3 am. It was a very fun filled trip, but we are glad to be home...even Katelyn!
The kids are excited to be starting school soon, especially Katelyn. She keeps saying "I can't wait to start Kindergarten!" The summer has flown by fast, but we have had a lot of fun! Hope all of you are doing well. We love and miss you all! Love, Scott, Lori, Scottie, & Katelyn


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast! I want to go to Seattle sometime. Miss you guys!

  2. i agree with your daughter i would like to live in a hotel too!